Thursday, 19 February 2015


'Sup peeps?

Or rather, Hello!

Yes, I have been busy but I have not forgotten about you. If you are desperate to read my lovely words, head over to The Times of India. But until then, update:

Rock the House is closed for entries, so I hope you crazy musical fiends submitted and will have amazing luck! Hopefully the world will discover some great music.

RBRs have a fab new song... You can have a listen here.

The incredibly talented Butch Walker has released Afraid of Ghosts which is arguably his best album to date... To the point he is being labelled a 'New Artist' after seven albums. Hey, that's the charts for you.

The Sky Arts Scholarship run with Ideas Tap ends on the 5th March - so get your subs in creative, arty people!

Until the next time I can find a minute - love ya!

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