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Hello all!
I'm Anu! I'm the writer here at the Wonder Wound. Couple of words about me: I have a novel in progress called Mad which can be found in three thousand words in this blog. All you gotta do is click me!

You can follow me on twitter or drop a line to anuiswonderwound@gmail.com

This is Tim Young: writer, musician, general rock star.

Tim's fantastic flash fiction can be read on his blog over here.

Our rocker is also working on a dystopian sci-fi novel called 'Our Legacy of Ashes' and if you want to sneak a peek, just get a-clicking!

Dylan Seto  is a young poet and an aspiring writer and singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada.  He was previously a runner-up for the North America Poetry Challenge for 13-17 years.

Now, at just eighteen, this talented young soul can be found dabbling in art online:

Facebook, Youtube and DeviantArt

Things (Artists)

Jace Junggyu is an uber-wonder of the art world. The Emily Carr alum can be found blogging on

and you can view his Apologies series online at

Jenna Kass is a New York based illustrator, whose portfolio can be found at www.jennakass.com

Her blog, following her six-month drawing-a-day and artistic experiments, is: www.jennakass.blogspot.co.uk

And you can also find her on tumblr: www.jennathings.tumblr.com

Nick Alive is a Brazilian street artist whose amazing work can be viewed online at:

On youtube: www.youtube.com/user/nickalive
And flickr: www.flickriver.com/photos/nick_alive/

Let's get clicking!

Hjalmar Wahlin is a young Swedish artist, who works mainly with digital art, retouching, and generally rocking out a bit of young hope for the dystopian future we seem to be guaranteed. For more of his work, you can check out: