Friday, 27 September 2013

Clint Michaellson: Young, American, Raw.

Music and Musicians.

The twenty-year old singer from Lawrence, Kansas, originally reminded me of Radiohead - or what they would be in a more acoustic, young, state-side sort of way. I first listened to Tricks and Charms Lullaby - a painful melody, introducing an unpolished, raw talent, that welcomed listeners to soft drums and gentle guitar. It's addictive, it's fresh, it's untainted in a way, and invites listeners to explore his earlier work: first album, My Dearest Love.

Sure enough the love songs make believe that you are star of a coming-of-age summer movie, "running through the fields... getting lost, [you] don't know what to do..."

There is a beautiful innocence in his music, and the young artist manages to effortlessly combine the notion of pure, young love with the little sad realities of life - birds flying, the seasons changing, growing older - in some very genuine-feeling tracks.

Young though he is, Michaellson is accomplished on drums, guitar and keyboard. Paired with Kansas behind the boy, and a soft-spoken tone, is it a wonder how he produces such wonderful end of summer-autumn sunset type, gentle music?

It's warm, and familiar, but at the same time, fresh and untouched. Listen to his first album, My Dearest Love, get a taste of his second album, To Be Free, and, to paraphrase Michaellson, be left needing more of his tricks and his charms.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

After a break...

After a (near) two month break, thewonderwound is back!

We have some fantastic new musicians and artists that will be featured here on thewonderwound soon, so get ready for some incredible talent, beautiful lyrics, and vocals that will send you into dream like states of wonder...