Friday, 31 October 2014

The Indos

The Indos. Fifty Shades of Blue.

We won't hold the album name against them - it's hard to align their alternative pop-mod-rock sound with the book. They sound familiar, like a band before my time, one whose music is played over and over in bars and pubs, making it something that seeped into my brain without conscious realisation. Of course, some tracks will encourage you to rediscover old favourites - Lovin' You Was Easy, a nod to The Kinks' You Really Got Me - had me singing lyrics incorrectly.

The five piece, made up of Michael Knowles (guitar and lead vocals), Jamie Gilchrist (guitar and backing vocals), Robbie Gilchrist (bass), Dando Myrillas (guitar) and Greg Atkinson (drums), have been hitting the Edinburgh music circuit hard in the last couple of years, getting attention every which way with their unique take on alternative music. Music lovers who complain about the state of pop music today will LOVE these guys. They are basically The Coral, The Who, The Kinks, The Kooks, and all the worthy The's rolled into a pretty package. It is small victory for music today.

The band will be launching their EP tonight at Edinburgh's Cabaret Voltaire, tracks will be available to download on the 3rd Nov, and CDs (yeah, CDs, because sometimes you just want something to hold) will be available at Twin City Records.

Keep an eye out for shows and videos, as these guys are set to blow up... Although I don't really see their shows ending with women doing strange combinations of the can-can and ribbon dancing. Well. You never know.

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