Sunday, 13 July 2014


It is a strange kind of euphony: passionate but mellow, like a whisper bellowed, echoed, sending vibrations through our feet, up to our hearts and all over. That is the best way I can describe something so wonderfully indescribable.

We've been waiting for this album - Heart will Haunt was the first track featured on Thewonderwound - and The Bedroom Hour have not disappointed. There is that little sound reminiscent of Kings of Leon but with a distinct British edge; it is fuller, younger, smoother.

It is quiet, but packed with talent - the drums, keys, strings and vocals are balanced throughout so that no single aspect overwhelms or is lost, and it is this that gives Hinterland a gorgeous, smooth quality. You could listen to this album again and again just for that smoothness in sound, but you will be taken by the talent and the psychedelically nostalgic melodies they promised us.

The album drops tomorrow, and you are in for a treat.

Songs to watch out for: Nocturnal and Heart will Haunt.

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