Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jace Kim

Jace Junggyu Kim: an incredibly talented Canadian-Korean artist, making contemporary the traditional painting in his series Apologies.

The artist's use of material - mixing oil and accrylic, ink and spray - against the juxtaposition of the refined faces and chaotic brush strokes creates a series that is engrossing, wonderfully passionate and stunning.

Each image, similar enough to be catalogued in one series, tells an it's own story, each face perfectly balanced with it's own colour and chaos.

Kim's series is on display Ayden Gallery (Vancouver, BC) until the 4th May 2014, so if you are reading from the Great White North, or are planning to visit soon, take a trip down Pender Street and check out the beauty and talent.

View more from the series here, and find out more about Kim and his art here.