Friday, 18 October 2013

A Band Called: Rock Bottom Risers

Music and Musicians.

In the 60s, bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Beatles highlighted the musical talent born in Britain to the world, and they set the bar pretty damn high for all British rockers to come. As a late-eighties child, I was lucky enough to have some decent Rock and Indie bands to listen to (thank God for Radiohead), and we, as a nation, still manage to produce some talented souls today in the midst of a pre-pubescent boyband revolution. Hell, we even recognised Kings of Leon early on, and would gladly claim them as honorary Brits. But music gets diluted, guys start using way more product than women in there hair, and sing pop-songs made to be jingles in fast-food adverts. So, when a band is discovered - a real band, a true band, whose members can play instruments, and voices have cracked already - we must celebrate and honour their talent.

With that in mind, let me introduce to you, the wonderfully sexy, incredibly senstaional, and immensley talented, Rock Bottom Risers. They're kind of great.

Think Rock. Think Indie. Think British festivals, and a sexy Strokes-Kings of Leon mix. The sound is pretty much high quality Indie Rock, with little nods to psychedelia and blues, and riffs worthy of RHCP. Already making waves in and around the North of England, the Rock Bottom Risers mix the different styles to create and emotional experience for their audience.

The music is original, without being watered down or commercialised. The four-piece band show that Rock is well and alive, and hiding up north.

The four-piece are made up of Civ James Clegg (Vocals/Guitar), Kane Scott (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Greg Kirby (Bass/Backing Vocals), and John Butcher (Drums). But don't be taken in by the photos* and the hair, or the simple fact that they are musicians, and we like musicians. Go listen!

The band are already receiving fantastic press and exposure, acquiring fans with every one of their sell-out gigs. It's expected.

So go listen (which you should), and to explore a little more, follow on here...

*There are a few more photos if you insist on being distracted.