Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Band called Birdeatsbaby

Music and Musicians.

They've been called "dark, sexual, vulnerable yet strong..." (Ben Graham, The Quietus), their music labelled "hauntingly original and delicate..."

Well, I must say, I agree. Something about this rock-orchestral-quartet screams a dark kind of magic, whilst whispering in your ear at the same time - imagine red lips, red wine, and red bloodstains dripping down your mouth, down your chest, hitting the floor, slow. Imagine you are hand-in-hand with the person of your dreams, suited and dressed in black tulle, the both of you, running from an unknown terror, through some large stately home. Well, Birdeatsbaby make it extremely easy.

Their music is a unique blend of theatrical, extravagant, rock, classical, with a pinch of pop, amongst other styles, and one may find themselves playing certain songs in their minds as the soundtrack to their day, making a normal moment exciting and electrically charged.

Perhaps you would care to listen and create Tim Burton-esque scenes of your day by downloading the band's free two-track EP here.

Learn more about the Brighton quartet here.